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Social Media Audience: Snapshot

I get it. You’re busy trying to run a business, and finding time for social media is proving difficult and far too time-consuming.

Understanding the demographics of each platform is important so that you know which ones you need to spend your time on. There’s no need to dedicate hours each week to a platform that won’t ever get you any business.

Social-Media-Audience Snapshot

A snapshot of Facebook

  • Largest age bracket: 25 – 34 (29.9%)
  • User demographic: 44% female and 56% male users.
  • Time spent: On average, individuals spend approximately 30 minutes per day on the platform.

The rise of platforms like TikTok is drawing the attention of the younger generation, potentially leading to an ageing user base and a decline in active users on Facebook.

Despite these shifts, Facebook remains the dominant choice for marketers and continues to offer access to a substantial user base.

A snapshot of Instagram

  • Largest age bracket: 18 – 24 (30.8%)
  • User demographic: 48.2% female and 51.8% male users.
  • Time spent: On average, individuals spend approximately 30.1 minutes per day on the platform.

Over the years Instagram saw a change in age demographics, with a slightly larger percentage of Gen Z users compared to Millennials. However, the platform remains popular for both demographics. The platform shows preference to those who use reels and videos compared to simply using images.

A snapshot of TikTok

  • Largest age bracket: 18 – 24 (21%)
  • User demographic: 54% female and 46% male users.
  • Time spent: On average, individuals spend approximately 45.8 minutes per day on the platform.

TikTok has almost one billion active users, making it the largest growing platform to date. It is by far the most popular platform and is constantly evolving to keep up with its growing demands. Brands need to get creative and find the right audience to get the most out of this platform.

A snapshot of Twitter (X)

  • Largest age bracket: 18 – 29 (42%)
  • User demographic: 34.1% female and 61.29% male users.
  • Time spent: On average, individuals spend approximately 34.8 minutes per day on the platform.

As you probably know, there’s been a lot of changes over at the formerly named Twitter, so it’s hard to predict what will happen to the platform in the next few years. However, Twitter has always been a place to share content and encourage conversations, and for now, remains a place to do so. It’s been said that a third of users on this platform are college-educated with high salaries, making this an interesting place for discussion.

A snapshot of LinkedIn

  • Largest age bracket: 30 – 39 (31%)
  • User demographic: 43% female and 57% male users.
  • Time spent: On average, 63% of LinkedIn users access the network weekly, 22% daily.

LinkedIn has a slightly older demographic than other platforms but is still popular overall. This is not a selfie platform but rather a place to connect with like-minded individuals for marketing and business purposes. It is the top-rated social media platform for lead generation and has risen in popularity over the years.

A snapshot of YouTube

  • Largest age bracket: 15 – 35 (highest reach)
  • User demographic: 51.4% female and 48.6% male users.
  • Time spent: On average, individuals spend approximately 45.6 minutes per day on the platform.

Video content has become increasingly popular over the years, making YouTube especially popular amongst younger users. With smaller attention spans, less time, and many other platforms all fighting for first prize, short videos are coming out on top. Right now, most people still use YouTube more for entertainment than business, but there are still plenty of ways to reach people through this platform.

You don’t have to be on all the social media platforms, you just have to be on the right ones. If that means being on only one, that’s fine. You’ll have more luck focusing your attention on the platform where most of your users are hanging out. Take a good look at your brand and take a deep dive into which social media platform is giving you the most back in terms of connection and customers. Once you know which one to spend your time on, you can use it to your benefit. 

Lisa Bourke is a digital marketing strategist with a passion for helping brands develop pathways for success online.

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