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Stop Using Social as a Broadcast Communication Channel

You have an amazing product or service that you want to share with the world. You post about it on social media, but you don’t get any orders. What’s wrong?

The problem is that you’re not building your brand.

A brand is more than just a logo or a tagline. It’s the promise that you make to your customers. It’s the experience they can expect when they interact with your business.


Let’s break the cycle of disappointment together.

Imagine yourself as a customer seeking a product or service. Would your first instinct be to browse through social media? Not likely. You’d probably head straight to Google, type in your query, and explore the top results. Your priority would be finding a reputable and trustworthy company. Only afterwards would you consider checking out their social media presence.

You don’t have to abandon social media or stop promoting your company. Instead, let’s reverse the order of operations. First and foremost, focus on building your brand. Establish a strong, reliable reputation through quality products and services. Create a compelling website and optimise it for search engines, so potential clients find you easily.

Once your brand identity is solid, social media can be a powerful ally. Use it to connect with your audience, engage with customers, and strengthen your brand presence. By employing social media strategically and after laying a solid foundation, you can effectively find and attract new clients.

Shift your approach!

Prioritise brand building and search engine visibility before diving headfirst into social media promotion. This way, you’ll maximise your chances of success and ensure that your amazing product or service reaches the eager customers it deserves.

What should you use social media for?

  1. To build your community. If you have a loyal group of people following you, it’s going to be a lot easier to sell your products and services to them. Say you’re a nutritionist for young children and you want to promote yourself. Instead of using social media to broadcast your new products, use it to share your knowledge of nutrition with parents who might come to your channel. Provide them with recipes, tips, and funny stories. By doing this you add value to your brand while building your community.
  2. Engage with your followers. Social media has allowed us to interact with our customers in a way that was never available to us before. It’s a great tool if used correctly. Good customer service can make all the difference when it comes to the reputation of a brand, so make sure you’re engaging with your followers, responding to requests, and interacting with them.

Most people are not using social media correctly. They’re broadcasting their products and services to the world and then simply assuming it will make its way to the right audience. Though social media holds significance, it should always take a back seat to the essential aspect: ensuring your brand consistently delivers value to your audience.

Lisa Bourke is a digital marketing strategist with a passion for helping brands develop pathways for success online.

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