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Your Posts Will Get More Attention on LinkedIn Now

Finally! A social media platform that gets it!

LinkedIn has always stood out as being a little different from other platforms, and they’ve once again proven why they’re one of the best. After a good look at how they were performing and how users were interacting with the space, LinkedIn decided to change its algorithms.


What changes have LinkedIn made?

The company wants people to get the most of out LinkedIn, so they did a little deep dive into the changes they were seeing, and made some tweaks to the algorithm:

Followers are more likely to see your posts now.

“People tell us that they find it the most valuable when content is grounded in knowledge and advice, and they find it most valuable when the content is from people they know and care about.”

Alice Xiong, director of LinkedIn product management

LinkedIn will now prioritise posts that share knowledge and advice.

While the people who follow you are more than likely to now see your posts, your posts will also have a higher reach with people who don’t follow you if they give advice or show knowledge on a subject. And it’s working! LinkedIn stated they have seen a nearly 40% increase in “people checking out and viewing content that is grounded in knowledge from people that are out of their network.”

What posts should you share on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn can be summed up with three words:

Connect | Consume | Create

For the most part, people are connecting and consuming, but very few are creating. But the only way you’re going to truly make the most out of the platform is by being an active participant on it.

So, what should you create?

LinkedIn wants our content to be grounded in knowledge and advice. When it comes to creating content, ask yourself what knowledge you want to give to your readers. “Advice to give to the creators out there is, think about what kind of knowledge you have to offer to help people,” Xiong says. “That is the kind of thing that will likely get you to reach the right audience as well.”

You could be the best in your field, but if you’re not sharing your knowledge with people, you’re never going to be seen as an authority, and LinkedIn is not going to share your posts. LinkedIn is all about making the right connections with people, but if people don’t know anything about you, then connection simply won’t happen.

Make it personal!

LinkedIn is a professional site, not a place for selfies or meaningless posts about what you ate for dinner that night. But that doesn’t mean you can’t show your personality. LinkedIn is not just evaluating your posts; it’s always evaluating you. So always think about how you can bring your personality into your posts while still offering knowledge or giving advice.

What about comments?

LinkedIn is putting a stop to people trying to hack the system by getting masses to comment or like on each other’s posts to boost them. Instead, it will now only reward meaningful comments. Comments like “˜Great!’ and “˜Love this!’ will no longer count as meaningful. LinkedIn wants to see that you have created content that inspires conversation. LinkedIn is a powerful platform. The changes to the algorithm show that it’s not about connecting with a large group of people, but rather connecting with the right people.

Lisa Bourke is a digital marketing strategist with a passion for helping brands develop pathways for success online.

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