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What Is Content Repurposing?

Did you know that you can recycle your creativity? Content repurposing is the process of taking something you’ve already created, and reusing it in different formats. Instead of creating completely new content from scratch, repurposing allows you to leverage your existing content strategically and efficiently. It’s the smart way to market.

In the fast-paced world of content marketing, we often find ourselves trapped in a whirlwind of tasks, constantly struggling to find enough time to accomplish them all. Additionally, there is a constant demand to deliver high-quality content that resonates with our target audiences. Complicating matters further, the number of platforms and channels for content distribution continues to grow, presenting new challenges and opportunities.

For those operating within small teams, the pressure to excel is heightened with limited resources. But how can we consistently produce exceptional content that exceeds expectations when time is scarce? The answer: Content repurposing.


5 content repurposing ideas:

  1. Repackage blog posts: Unleash your creativity by repackaging your blog posts into exciting new formats. Take a series of related posts and compile them into an e-book, or explore the world of podcasts by transforming your content into captivating episodes. Alternatively, you can turn one extensive blog post into smaller, bite-sized pieces that revolve around the core idea, offering your audience a snackable format.
  2. Turn articles into video: Harness the power of video by breathing life into your articles. Video content is a powerhouse in the realm of marketing, with its ability to captivate and engage. By transforming your articles into visually dynamic video content, you enhance your chances of reaching a broader audience. Embrace the versatility of multimedia, enabling users to enjoy your educational materials across various screens, be it laptops or mobile devices.
  3. Update old blog posts: Dive into your collection of past blog posts and uncover the gems that are waiting to be refreshed and reused. Update and tweak the existing content to reflect the latest insights, trends, or developments. You’ll be amazed at how much valuable information you already possess that can be repurposed to provide renewed value to your audience.
  4. Create infographics or visuals: Take statistics, data, or key points from your existing content and transform them into visually appealing infographics or visuals. Share them on your social media platforms and link them back to the original content, driving traffic and enticing visitors to explore more.
  5. Create an online course: Transform your blog into an online course, leveraging your how-to posts to create structured and valuable study material. Capitalise on the e-learning trend and provide an immersive learning experience, establishing your expertise while meeting the demand for online education.

Need help? A marketing coach can help.

A marketing coach can be instrumental in content repurposing by offering strategic planning and brainstorming sessions, conducting content audits, optimising workflow efficiency, and providing guidance. Their expertise and support can help you develop a comprehensive repurposing strategy, identify valuable content assets, generate creative ideas, streamline processes, and achieve maximum impact and engagement across various channels and formats.

Lisa Bourke is a digital marketing strategist with a passion for helping brands develop pathways for success online.

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