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How To Build Your Email Marketing List In 2024

Email marketing is far from dead. In fact, it’s stronger than ever. However, like any marketing strategy, it requires the right approach. Sending an excess of emails, sharing irrelevant content, or targeting the wrong audience can result in a rapid increase in unsubscribes, overshadowing any potential for conversions. Done correctly, email marketing might be just the thing to get your services and products seen by the right people.

Why is an email marketing list so important?

When someone subscribes to your email list it’s because they want to hear from you and you’re one step closer to selling to them. They’re either interested in finding out more about your product or service, or they’re already a customer and want to stay up to date on all your news. Using email marketing to connect provides you with the opportunity to establish and nurture a relationship with your target audience. It becomes a channel through which you can consistently engage, share valuable content, and build a rapport that goes beyond mere transactions.

Tips to build your email marketing list in 2024

#1 Choose your audience. It’s quality over quantity when it comes to your email marketing list so make sure you target the right audience.

#2. Make it easy for them to sign up. Consider creating a pop-up on your home page and include links throughout your website to ensure your visitors have easy access to sign up.

#3 Give them a reason to sign up. These days we’re bombarded with far too many spam emails, so it’s important to give your audience a reason to sign up to your email list. Consider offering discounts, fun facts, educational information, or anything that will get them to sign up. It’s all about creating a connection that goes beyond the typical email clutter.

#4 Include a strong call-to-action. ‘Sign up to our newsletter’ is a common phrase you’ll see on websites, but it doesn’t give your website visitors much reason to sign up. ‘Join our community’ or ‘Enjoy our discounts’ makes you feel a little more like you’re joining for a reason. Also, make sure to always consider the personality and essence of your brand when crafting your call-to-action to resonate effectively with your audience.

#5 Consider interactive sign-up forms. Sometimes it’s helpful to get creative. Introducing an interactive sign-up form not only adds a playful element to your website but also provides your audience with a novel way to engage. Transforming your sign-up process into a game offers individuals an opportunity to win something valuable in exchange for sharing their details. A win-win situation for all.

#6. Add a sign-up button to your social media accounts. If you’re creating great content on your social media accounts, you might find that people want to know more about you and your brand. Include a sign-up button on your social media platforms to make it easy for them to get involved.

#7 Create a landing page. A landing page is a great way to target specific keywords that people type into Google. When someone lands on your page, you have the opportunity to deliver content that directly addresses their queries. Leveraging this platform, you can then present a compelling call-to-action, inviting them to sign up for your email marketing list. This approach proves to be one of the most valuable ways to expand your marketing list, as these are people actively searching for the offerings you provide.

#8 Create a newsletter signup option at checkout. A sale is great. But a repeat sale is better. Include a signup option at checkout so you can stay top of mind to your customers and get them coming back for more.


Make email marketing one of your goals for 2024!

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