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Why It Pays To Have A Coach

Working with a business coach can guide you toward success, and the ROI they bring can be incredibly valuable.


What are the benefits of hiring a good coach?

  1. They’ll enhance your brand: If your brand image needs strengthening, a good business coach can assist you in uncovering not only your business’s identity but also understanding your target audience. A brand refresh can significantly differentiate you from competitors. The more you understand about your company and clientele, the smoother it becomes to effectively market to your intended audience.
  2. They’ll develop effective strategies: The path to business growth is paved with a robust business plan. A skilled business coach can aid small business proprietors in devising strategies that lay the groundwork for success. Imagine them as your navigational guide, helping you realign when you’ve strayed off course. They’ll steer you back on track, leading you toward your objectives. Once your foundation is solid, they’ll assist you in manoeuvring through the realm of social media, ensuring your focus aligns with the right demographic and expanding your visibility to a wider audience.
  3. They’ll secure your path to triumph: A business coach’s mission transcends immediate concerns and extends into ensuring your prospective achievements. They aspire to foster your growth by equipping you with the requisite tools and strategies to materialise your aspirations.

ROI statistics on using a coach

  • As per research conducted by ICF, a notable 86% of companies affirm that they not only recouped their initial investment in coaching but also exceeded it.
  • A study involving Fortune 500 Companies demonstrated that when these companies invested in Executive Coaching, they reaped an average ROI of nearly six times the cost incurred for the coaching. (ICF)
  • An impressive 95% of clients evaluate their coaches as either “good” or “excellent.”
  • Out of the companies capable of gauging their return on investment, a substantial 86% affirmed that they recuperated at least their initial investment. Among these, 19% indicated a remarkable ROI of 50 times the initial investment, while 28% experienced returns ranging from 10 to 49 times the investment. The median ROI stood at 7 times the investment. (ICF)
  • A significant 61% of coaching clients attribute their enhanced business management skills to the positive impact of coaching. (ICF)

The ROI of using a business coach makes it worth it. Having fresh eyes on your business and gaining some perspective from an outsider’s point of view might be exactly what you need. Given the strong return on investment that coaching provides, opting for business coaching could be one of the best investments your company can make.

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Lisa Bourke is a digital marketing strategist with a passion for helping brands develop pathways for success online.

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